The complete Journey

Ep. I – Beginnigs                                                                    


Originally from a large, loving family with limited resources, in a less than 400 people village, sitted in Teruel, one of the most unoccupied region of Spain. Every midnight I waited anxiously to watch the “Behind the scenes” of some movie that they was promoting on TV. Sometimes was repeated, but I didn’t care much; I was mesmerized of all the work needed to get a result that looks spontaneous! Work in filmmaking was only a dream back then!

Pursuing the dream, I leaved the familiar nest at age of 18. I got higher education in Film, TV and media in “IES Los Enlaces”, a public school of Zaragoza, getting the higher rates of my promotion. (Amparo Vilaplana was who discover me the marvelous world of postproduction, which it may be not a reputated name in the film industry, but it deserves a mention due is an amazing teacher!)

Even before finishing my studies, I was hired by the company of my internships, as a head of “Ibercaja Zentrunclip” (a space dedicated to teach filmmaking to young people, supported by an important bank). That space housed different master classes and courses (which I could attend for free!), such the ones about After Effects teached by Cristobal Vila (the man behing the oustanding videos of Etérea Studios)




Ep. II – Too many passions within film making                                                       


I had already fallen in love with VFX craft since the first day of school, due is a mix between artistic, technical, creative and logical-mathematical aspects… but I also loved being in shootings and taking creative decisions during pre-production… That’s why I tooked a while to choose.

I moved to Barcelona looking for keep growing professionally. Meanwhile doing mainly online VFX training, I delved deeper in terms of lighting, DoP, color grade (among other non related crafts)… But I never could to set aside the VFX: whenever I could, I did classroom or online courses of VFX, also I tried to implement some post-production in other fileds projects, etc.



Ep. III – The perfect marriage                                                                    


The push I needed to choose Visual effects as a profesional career it was definitely during the course for unemployed people, “Supervision of VFX” by Eduardo Díaz from “El Ranchito” (“Game of Thrones”, “Jurassic world”, “The impossible”, “A monster calls”, “The skin I live in”, etc), specially once he talks about his job as a supervisor on set, and also during the masterclass regarding Concept Art, by Raúl Monge (“Pacific Rim”, “Colossal”, “Hellboy II”, “Pan’s labyrinth”).


But it wasn’t the only relevant trainings related to the decision of choosing VFX as a career…
– Some time before, I was accepted to another course for unemployed people in “CIFO Hospitalet”, teached by Alex Beltrán (Adidas, TMB, Seat, Volkswagen, etc) about color grading, in which I have much fun and I learnt a lot. That definetely directed me towards postproduction. 

– A couple of months after the course of Eduardo, I get definetely in love with the art of making a DMP during the course of matte painting by Carles Marsal (He works for Adobe, National Geographic, Beefeater, etc).


Looking backwards, I realized that actually all my trip until choosing VFX wasn’t too bad: not only because it provide me a wider view of the whole picture, but also because I realized that many of my training was marrying very well with VFX, such as lighting, camera settings, color grade, visual narrative, etc (keeping as a hobby the few interests that are not compatible with VFX)


Ep. IV – London Calling


I did moved to London with the minimum amount of money and almost not knowledge of the language, anxious of developing my VFX career here… And I found myself having projects as a VFX artist for some usual clients, earlier than expected; even before I could arrive to afford any VFX studies in UK! 

So in summer of 2016 I did quit my job in a London fast-food company, to embark on the adventure (in which I am so far) of having VFX artist freelance work, as a unique job (or, at least, as the main one… be freelance is not always a bed of roses…). I finally could achieve the dream I had since young, but that’s just a new beginning!

I love to keep always learning new things, so I’m currently enhancing my Nuke and Cinema 4D skills, in order to improve my profile as Compositor and VFX Generalist… Also improving my artistic skills as Digital Matte Painter.

Featured projects I’ve worked on: Black Mirror – “Arkangel” (Netflix) / The innocents (Netflix) / Poldark (BBC) / McQueen Documentary / God’s own country
(For whole list, please visit “work” or my imdb profile)


The complete Journey